Stars Dance by Selena Gomez


My girl Haley (AKA Selena Gomez's #1 fan) suggested that I review this one and ask and you shall receive. To be honest, I never truly delved into her music before today, but I'm always down to broaden my horizons. So, without further ado, STARS DANCE. 

1. Birthday 

Personally, my birthday is my favorite holiday of the year, so I could relate to this one off the bat. This was definitely not the vibe I expected from 2013 Selena; she's more scandalous than I thought and I 100% approve. 

Every night's my birthday
They don't know, so it's okay
Tell 'em that is my birthday
When I party like that

We should all treat every night like it's our birthday damnit. 

2. Slow Down 

How could I almost forget about this one! This was a radio smash for a short bit. You can't resist dancing to this one even if you try. That chorus (where they literally "slow down the song") is sexy af. Get it, girl. Also, it was produced by The Cataracs which is very evident. 

3. Stars Dance  

Sultry Selena, here we go. 

Light up the moon, I can make the stars dance
If you want me to
The sky is everywhere, so meet me under there
I can make the stars dance dance dance with you

This had to be during the Bieber era huh? Someday someone is going to make the stars dance for YOU honey. 

4. Like a Champion 

Ooh island vibes, I am so here for this! I love this vibe for her and would love to see more of it. Not to mention, the message of this song is amazing too.

It's in the way you hold yourself
You gotta know you're something else

I feel like this song would have been in an Olympics commercial in 2013; that's where it belongs. 

5. Come & Get It 

Loved this song when it was first on the radio; I feel it was the first I realized "damn Selena Gomez is an actual adult" - meow! 

I'm not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets.
I love you much, too much to hide you, this love ain't finished yet

The Indian vibes are everything. I could see RiRi singing this one too, but Selena slays it. 

6. Forget Forever 

Take this as you will, but I could picture this song playing in the background at Forever 21 or something. Selena has a great voice for more dance/electronic songs, which she's definitely taken advantage of (for example, It Ain't Me with Kygo, Wolves with Marshmello, etc.) She found something that really works for her and I feel like this song may have been the start of all that. 

7. Save the Day 

What I'm learning about Selena Gomez, is all her songs are incredibly dramatic. I'm not mad about it (because I'm also incredibly dramatic) but all her songs definitely have a "do or die" theme. 

Just tell me it's not over
And we'll never reach the end
But when the night starts slipping away,
Save the day

It's always backed by a dance beat, like in Save the Day, but the girl is passionate as hell. 

8. B.E.A.T.

Right off the bat I can tell you this had to be inspired by DEV's Bass Down Low. 

It's a big bad world but I ain't ashamed to like the lights in my hand 
And the beat in my face 

I hear DEV on this so hard I can't get over it. That being said, you know I love racy Selena, so I approve. 

9. Write You Name 

We're back to sweet Selena here, but that's cool. 

Write your name, across my heart
Write your name, over every part
And we could be, worlds apart

She has a brief rapping moment like Madonna in Vogue, but she's so delicate how can you be mad at her. 

10. Undercover 

Ooh more scandal, yas! 

You're a sexy machine
You're a Hollywood dream
And you got me feeling like a homecoming queen
Let's drop out of this crowd
Somewhere no one's allowed

Alright, the lyrics in this one are a tad questionable. Also, I feel like the theory of her and her lover going "undercover" is kind of a theme throughout this whole album, but in this one I guess she finally makes it blatant as possible. 

11. Love Will Remember 

Man, this girl loves love and I can't be a hater on that.

Love will remember you, love will remember me
I know it inside of my heart,
Forever will forever be ours, even if we try to forget

I feel like if this song came out just a few years earlier it would've been in Twilight. Kind of depressing listening to this knowing Justin Bieber just married someone else literally this week. 

12. Nobody Does It Like You 

Selena was definitely ready to let her wildness out when this album was made. I think she's let loose since, but I mean... 

You're my bad boy fairytale
Prince charming with a dark side
I wanna be your bad girl
You bring out my wild side

The girl was really trying to separate herself from her Wizards of Waverly Place days and I get it. To her credit, she was probably one of the best at handling her music career (or just life in general) after the Disney life. 

13. Music Feels Better 

I told you she loves love.

And with you the music is better
Just want us to be together, 24/7
And now that the color's brighter
'Cause you set me up on fire

This definitely feels like the perfect ending for this album; it's positive and upbeat, which I feel like embodies Selena's soul. 

For my taste, I'd probably give this album a 5/10. It's a fun, pop album, but almost every song had the same theme (which is fine because that's where she was at at the time, but I'm just saying.) That being said, I think she's grown so much since when this album came out in 2013 so I will absolutely continue to root her on.