Speak by Lindsay Lohan


Between yesterday being "Mean Girls Day," AKA October 3rd, and the very questionable child trafficking claim incident that went down late last week, I got to say I've had Lindsay Lohan on the brain a lot lately. There's no doubt she's been going through a weird time the past year (or decade really,) but in 2004 she was killin' it. That year, she released an album that spoke right to middle school Hayley's soul. Let's see if she's still speaking to it 14 years later. 

1. First

Of COURSE the first song is called First. LinLo doesn't necessarily have the voice of an angel, but honestly it's not bad. And you've got to respect the fact that she doesn't really use any auto-tune. This is definitely the song I was singing in my head to my middle school crush who didn't even know I existed.  

2. Nobody 'Til You 

First is cute, but now Lindsay is ready to get DEEP. 

They can break me
Make me
If they want they can chase me
Love me 
Hate me
I don't care anymore

Is it just me, or is she still living by these lyrics today? Jokes aside, this song really does capture what a first, young love feels like. We need to reunite her with whoever she was singing this to. 

3. Symptoms of You 

The lyrics of this one aren't winning a Pulitzer Prize, but damn is it sweet or what? 

I'm not ill I don't need to
Take a pill to fix what you do
Cure can come through
'cause baby all I do is suffer from
The symptoms of you

We've all been a smitten kitten at one time or another,  so really, who are we to judge? 

4. Speak 

I'm a sucker for a song with whispering, so I always loved this song right off the bat. 

I don't want to guess, not a test tell me what your thinking
Keep it real, no big deal
Tell me what your dreaming
Speak let it out

I use to think this song was so badass, and now that I'm reading the lyrics, my mind is blown. But at the end of the day, I still think for 2014 it kind of was. Teen pop at it's FINEST. 

5. Over 

This is still an incredible break up song to this day. 

I won't be the one to chase you
But at the same time you're the heart that I call home
I'm always stuck with these emotions
And the more I try to feel the less I'm whole

It's truly a beautifully sad song. I'd also like to point out that Lindsay actually did co-write 5/12 songs on this album (including this one,) which was surprising and impressive. 

6. Something I Never Had 

Fun Fact: I learned that this song was co-written by Kelly Clarkson which is pretty cool! We're definitely in the "sad & lost Lindsay" part of the album. 

I keep tell myself things can turn around with time
And if I wait it out you could always change your mind
Like a fairy tale where it works out in the end
Can I close my eyes have you lying here again

As I go through it, I realize this album is actually the evolution of all my middle school crushes. How did Lindsay know?!

7. Anything But Me 

This one always spoke to angsty Hayley; the rock beat got me. 

Nobody told me that I'd be in happy places
Just trying to erase the traces
What came before me
A girl that I used to see somewhere very deep

It's unsettling how much these songs still very much relate to her life 14 years later, but bless her soul. Regardless, if she did a tour and just performed this album, you would not be able to keep me away. 

8. Disconnected

 This was always my #1 favorite song on this album. It's got dark, western vibes, which obviously I love. 

Quietly loud while I'm noisily silent
Keep holding my breath while I'm trying to breath
Swimming against all of the waves and the rapids
I only win when I'm losing

Not genius lyrics by any means (the whole song is just opposites, come on now,) but my emo ass really connected with it. Ironically, this song had the most writers on it than any other song on the album. Anywho, I always thought her voice shined the most on this one. 

Look at me trying to find excuses to why I love this song. 

9. To Know Your Name

Okay, Lindsay had her moment and now she is so over that breakup. 

Can't get out can't get through
Need to be alone with you
Must escape or are we allowed no part of privacy

Meow! Your girl is BACK on the prowl! This actually is a great dance/pop track though. I'm glad feisty LinLo is back. 

10. Very Last Moment in Time 
Just when she thought it could never happen again, she found love in a hopeless place! 

Live its the last moon rising
Scream just like none is there
Lose all of my defenses
Hold you touch you love you like its
The very last moment in time

Definitely one of the cheesier tracks, but she's happy damnit. Let her have it. 

11. Magnet 

Not going to lie, this was the only song I couldn't remember on this album at all. Did I blackout every time this song came on the CD in my Walkman? Who's to know; all that matters is that I'm here now. 

MAJOR Lady Gaga vibes on this track. It's as poppy as they come & I'm not mad about it. 

12. Rumors 

Of course the album has to end with the most iconic LinLo track of them all. Back in the day, my best friend Tawny & I would freestyle over this beat and it was just as embarrassing as it sounds. 

I'm tired of rumors starting
I'm sick of being followed
I'm tired of people lying
Sayin' what they want about me

I'm almost certain LinLo is time traveler because, as I've mention before, it really is uncanny how much this album still relates to her life. That's the only explanation.

It's probably just because I hold this album so dear to my heart, but I got to give it at least a 7/10. Tacky lyrics aside, I love an album that can tell a story. With that being said, I hope Lindsay's story gets more stable in the near future. Middle school Hayley would want me to continue to root for her so that's always what I'm going to do.