My Ten Blog Commandments

For my first official blog post, I think it's important to lay it all on the table. Here's my promises to you - My Ten Blog Commandments:

1. I shall always keep it 100%. Quite frankly, this is my blog, therefore I have no reason to sugarcoat things. 

2. I shall tell my truth. You might not relate to every single thing I have to say, but God bless ya for reading anyway. 

3. Humor is my favorite/easiest way to cope with things. Though some of my posts may get very real, chances are I'm going to sprinkle something in there to lighten it up. That doesn't make it any less real, but hey, sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying. 

4. I shall not judge. I may have my opinions on things, and I'll always give them to you if you ask, but at the end of the day - YOU. DO. YOU. I don't know what it's like to live your life, so really, who am I to question you? 

5. I'd be lying if I said grammar and writing overall was my strong suit - but I'm certainly going to try. I know somewhere down the line I'm going to mess up. Sorry in advance. 

6. I shall always (try my best to) be original. Let's be honest with ourselves - it's 2018 and there is SO much content out there in the world. Whether we even know it or not, almost everything we do is inspired by something else. That's not even necessarily a bad thing. Even so, I'm trying to make this my own. Bare with me, eh? 

7. In our generation, I know short and sweet is key, so I shall always try to keep it that way. I know this isn't the best example of that, but I had to kick things off with a bang, right? 

8. I shall be consistent. I think this is important in all areas of life, so naturally I plan to apply that here. Thoughts fly around my head at the speed of light, so I'm actually thrilled that now I have a place to put them all. 

9. I shall never focus on negativity. There's enough of this in the world, and while I'm not naive to it, that's never been my initial approach to things. I believe there's always light at the end of the tunnel and I don't have time for someone to try to convince me otherwise. 

10. Last, but certainly not least, even though this is technically my blog, there's no way I want this to be all about me. I mean, even as ME, that sounds boring as hell. I shall always involve you, (yes, you) the reader. If there's something you want to hear me talk about, tell me. If you have an opinion about something I wrote, lay it on me, I can handle it. I want this to be interactive, not just a one way street filled with me spewing my views at you. Ew. 

Well, now that I've laid it all out there, let's do this thing! *Cue "Start of Something New" from High School Musical*

Hayley Smith-RoseComment