Things You Say That Make DJs Cringe & Why

Partiers, wedding goers, club hoppers, etc - don't get me wrong. We love you no matter what. With that being said, there are certain things you say that make us cringe and it's my duty to let you know about it. 

It's the first 10 minutes into a DJ set and someone comes up and says "Can you play (insert top 5 song in the country at the moment)?!" 

Boo, yes. I'm absolutely going to play that "just cause you requested it." But let's let a few more people arrive and join the fun first, okay? Trust your DJ. If a song is really poppin', chances are it's coming. 

"Play my request NEXT!"

This might be my least favorite thing to hear while djing. I'll always accept and appreciate your requests, but give ya girl a little patience! There is an art to mixing music that involves matching beats etc. If your request just happens to be an easy blend from what is currently playing, then MAYBE we will play it next. But even so, we usually have a plan of what we intend to mix into next. Have no fear, if it's a decent request we will probably get to it, but don't expect it to come up next. This is not a Spotify playlist. 

When telling someone "Sorry, I don't have that song" and they reply "Can't you just plug my phone in and play it?!" 

I'm sorry I don't have the random song you just requested, but I really can't just plug your phone in. We have all of our own equipment and software set up and it just doesn't work that way. If I'm connected to the internet, I may be able to download the song you're looking for or play if off of Spotify, but that really depends on A) what song it is and B) the type of event. At the end of the day, if I don't have the first request you're looking for, just give me another one! 

"Can you play (insert album deep cut here)"? 

Chances are your DJ really appreciates the deep cut as well, but if most people in the crowd aren't going to know it, it's going to be a no-go. Even if it's a great song, you've got to read the room and play music the majority of the group wants to hear. Bless your soul for listening to full albums though! We can bond over it after the party. 

"This song sucks!" 

Or apparently, as the kids say today, "This ain't it, chief." Just because a song isn't right up your ally doesn't necessarily mean it "sucks" for the current vibe. Usually, it will be one person that says this while the rest of the party is on the dance floor loving life. You might not love every single song the DJ plays, but if the crowd is living for it, let them have that; the DJ is going to mix into something different soon. 

Above it all though, what a pretty rude thing to say. You might be surprised that this actually happens, but it really does, especially when you add alcohol into the mix. We're trying our best out there, please be kind. 

With every job, there are definitely annoying things people do that get under your skin. None-the-less, I love djing because watching people have fun (and the 98% of people who don't do the things I listed above) makes it so worth any of the cringe.